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What Is a Acupressure Body Rub?

With hundreds of years of case studies of “miraculous” healing stories like…

  • Cysts disappearing
  • Wounds suddenly healing
  • Women who couldn’t before conceive and finally become pregnant
  • Depression and anxiety melts away
  • Migraines heal
  • Toothaches suddenly vanishing

ALL this by activating
very specific pressure points

...NOT through surgery
...NOT with drugs or medication
...NOT with special juices or weird supplements.

A Touch of Balance Massage for Health
- Jan Jakubowski, LMT

Skills: Acupressure, Aromatherapy & Essential Oils, Facial Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Muscle Release Technique, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage

Online Since 06/18/13
Experience: Jan does not perform any diagnostic procedure except for assessing each clients bodily restrictions due to chronic pain, long standing tension or injuries. Nor does she treat any specific conditions or prescribe any natural supplements or pharmaceutical medications. Jan's focus is to promote relaxation in clients' overall health and well-being. The outcome and results achieved may vary depending upon individual unique situations.

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Natural Healing Acupressure Body Rubbing Scottsdale AZ


Body rub massage natural healing acupressure has long been critical in traditional Chinese treatments for over 2250 year's, and so the idea that its still used right now is a testimony to its convenience for ailment and sometimes pain in your back.

Natural healing acupressure is actually an approach to transmitting a signal to the human system (by needle or any other resources) to “twist on” the person-healing or authoritarian parts. Usually, Qi (vital energy) moves through usual paths in the body referred to as meridians. Impediment of such a circulation or sometimes imbalance in Yin and certainly Yang can cause sickness along with neck pain. Acupressure points allows you to fix functional differences and realign your movement and as a consequence returning the body to a new natural condition of sound being.

In fact, body rubs are something you can learn to do on your own in local Scottsdale City. And with some instruction from a master in body rub massage, you can simply find the energy blocks in your own body…


But first, read here about Master Lim

To Apply Acupressure Body Rub Massage Points:

Use great, firm pressure to knead and more than that rejuvenate each point.

Especially if rubbing down healing points, consider relaxing in a comfortable spot, close up your vision, and then breathe deeply.

Duplicate your therapeutic massage as frequently as you like; there's no limit on the period of times each day.

Besides rubbing these meridian points on your self, someone can also really help and acupoint massage the points on your behalf.

AcuPressure body rub healing will show you how to easily and quickly transform
into somebody who can very quickly and magically heal
illness as well as emotional or mental distress from just basic body rub techniques... Even in Scottsdale AZ Body Rubbing by just applying alittle gentle pressure on specific acupressure pressure points... and in a specific rhythm.

The Top 5 Most Used Natural Acupressure Body Rub Points:

Feng Chi acupressure pressure point is recommended for head ache, migraines, eyeball blurriness or tiredness, low energy, & cold/flu problems. As it is based by feeling the main mastoid (ear) bone and following your furrow back into when the cervical area muscle tissues connect to your upper jaw.

Jian Jing acupressure point is located by grabbing the main shoulder muscle / tendon together with your thumb in addition to midpoint finger and it is regularly employed for anxiety, facial foundation throbbing, head and neck pains, tooth pains as well as cervical area pain. Utilize mindfully in mothers-to-be.

He Gu acupressure healing spot is necessary for pressure, head and neck pains, toothaches, face tenderness along with neckline ache. In spite of this, as a remark of attention, it might trigger labor and must not be applied whilst you are pregnant.

Tai Chong natural acupressure you want to go without your shoes or boots to discover this spot. It is an tremendous area to stimulate for constant worry, low back pain, hypertension, arm or leg soreness, insomnia as well as very emotional upset.

Nei Guan acupressure pressure spot should help bestow alleviation for a feeling of sickness, worry, carpal tunnel symptoms, distressed middle area, motion sickness and certainly head aches and is likely even suitable for controlling the harmful cardiovascular system palpitations.

You are going to know how to un-block the meridian lines
in your body just Click Here…and release your NATURAL
body rub healing ability you were BORN with…

Scottsdale Arizona News - Updated Daily

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On June 1, several Scottsdale families were enjoying some sun and water play at a community pool. Shelby became distracted chatting with other moms when her 4-year-old son Ryan slipped out of his floaties and began to struggle in the water. Shelby soon realized he was not within sight and found him at the bottom of the pool. Thankfully, help was nearby.
Police requesting assistance with identifying Vehicle Burglary Suspects
On May 27, 2017 the Victim’s vehicle was burglarized while parked in an open garage and the Police Department is requesting assistance from the public in identifying two burglary suspects.
Valley Metro NextRide text number changes July 1
With the new NextRide text number, users no longer need to type NXRD first.
Scottsdale traffic restrictions June 23 - July 2
Restrictions continue on Hayden Road, Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard and Thompson Peak Parkway for utility work.

Some Mind & Body News:

Bats Are the Number-One Carriers of Disease

This article originally appeared on Time.com. 

Understanding where new viruses come from is critical for preventing them from rapidly spreading among humans. When it comes to preventing the next pandemic, a new study suggests that bats may be public enemy number one.

In a new study published in the journal Nature, researchers at the nonprofit EcoHealth Alliance collected data on viruses known to infect mammals, which included about 600 viruses found in more than 750 species. They were then able to calculate the number of viruses from each species and identify characteristics that make the transmission to humans more likely. Living more closely to humans and being more closely genetically related to humans increased the odds of transmission.

Out of all the species assessed, bats carried the highest number of these viruses. Researchers are currently looking into why.

“A lot of people don’t realize that these viruses have been on the planet for a long time, and they are in populations of animals all around the world,” says study author Kevin Olival, associate vice president for research at EcoHealth Alliance. “What we did in this study is prioritize where we should look if we want to stop the next Ebola or Zika from emerging.”

All groups of mammals were found to carry viruses that can spread to humans, and areas around the world most at risk for carrying emerging viruses differed based on the mammal. For bats, these places are most common in South and Central America and areas in Asia. For primates, the areas with the higher risks are in Central America, Africa and Southeast Asia.

The study was funded as part of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Emerging Pandemic Threats PREDICT program, a project that seeks to identify new emerging infectious diseases that could become threatening to human health. Olival says his team hopes that scientists will use this research to identify regions and viruses to focus on for prevention efforts.

Bats don’t deserve all of the blame, however. The spreading of new diseases often involves activity from both animals and people, Olival points out.

“These diseases are not just randomly jumping into people,” he says. “We see time and time again that it is the human disturbances in the environment that are causing these diseases to emerge,” through activities like chopping down forest and hunting animals out of certain areas. “It is our interactions with these species that are causing diseases to jump.”

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